Final Pay Processing (When Can I get My Money?)

Hi Seven. I’m planning to resign from my current CSR post. Being a first timer in the BPO industry, I don’t know how long the processing of the final pay will take and this concerns me because my family and I need the money. I’m hoping you can respond ASAP.

Jeff of Makati

Hello, Jeff. Thank you very much for your email. I hope it’s okay if I post my response. I’m sure there are others out there in the same situation as you. I’ve been in your shoes before. When I left from my recruitment position at a call center in Makati, I didn’t take into account how long it would take me to find another employment, and as a result, I lost a lot of stuff (and people). But I won’t get into the nasty details.

Let’s talk about the process then.

First, make a plan for your resignation. When your manager accepts your resignation, he will notify HR. Assume you’re delivering a 15- or 30-day notice. In that case, you might already expect your income to be withheld (immediate resignation means your salary will be held immediately). Having said that, several employees (including myself) would file for resignation after the distribution of salary, so that the money could be utilised and the worst-case scenario could be avoided. You are aware of your financial circumstances, so consider whether 15 days of income will suffice to tide you over till you start your next employment.

Second, before you resign, make certain that (1) you have already accepted the new position, (2) your job offer has been signed, (3) you are sure of the exact training schedule, and (4) it will not be during the last 15/30 days of your employment with the company (which will force you to go on AWOL, and that is usually bad).

Your salary has been put on hold for the next 30 days. You will be processing your clearance on the last day of your employment with the company. This means that it must be signed by your boss, someone from IT, facilities, finance/accounting, and HR (you also need to return company-owned items like the HMO, your ATM, headset, etc.). It is preferable for you (or anyone) to have your clearance handled on the last day of work; this way, all of the signatories are easier to find (if you’re lucky, they’re all in one spot).

Your final payment will be handled within 60 to 90 days of submitting the clearance to HR. A word of warning here: some organizations cannot meet their promises (which is likely why you are leaving); so, do not plan on how you will spend your final payment until you have received it.

Once you have the check (hurrah!), you need to find out if it is for:

  1. For Deposit Only – You need to deposit the check to your bank account and will have to wait for a few days for the check to clear.
  2. For Encashment – party time! (But you need to go to the bank branch where the check can be drawn. Bummer, right?)

This may sound cliche, but in situations like this, it is true what they say: chance favors the prepared mind; hence, you must plan if you do not want to find yourself in a difficult financial situation just because you did not consider the timetable.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more information.


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