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If you have any questions or if you want to share a call center recruitment/application story, post it here! Thank you very much.



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  1. hi Lyla.

    First off, a job offer is NOT a contract. However, it gives you an idea of what your contract will be like. So whether you received a copy of the job offer, won’t make a difference.

    It’s just a document that says you have been offered a job and that you accepted it. The contract is offered after you have passed their training and nesting period. This is a generic process, some companies offer the contract as soon as you start.

    If you are not given a copy of the job offer, hingi ka lang sa recruiter mo. Baka kasi nakalimutan lang.


  2. hi Jhiero. Actually, ang dapat mong itanong sa sarili mo is – what is wrong with me? Four companies and four AWOLS? I don’t think there is wrong with the companies, I think there is something wrong with you though.

    It doesn’t matter if you declare these companies or not because somewhere down the road, by force of habit, you will find another reason to go on AWOL.


    So, to declare or not to declare. Does it matter? Para kanino ka ba bumabangon? Kung maga AWOL ka rin naman, bakit ka pa mag hahanap ng trabaho?

    If you declare, they see that your employment tenure is short-lived, it tells the recruiter that you should never be hired because you are unreliable. If you do not declare, there is always that danger of being discovered and getting fired for lacking integrity.

    Ultimately, you need to decide if you will declare or not. Just remember that you need to work, stay, develop a career, and earn more in the process.

    Politics? Bastos na teammates? Poor Culture? – Kahit saan meron niyan.

    Family problems? – lahat naman tayo merong ganyan.

    Bakit naman kami hindi naga-AWOL?


  3. I’m pretty sure you will be able to get that interview, provided of course there is still a vacancy. Best advice? Call your recruiter and tell him/her that you wish to be rescheduled.


  4. Hi Derek. Legally, they are not allowed to see your work history. Truth is, some companies are crafty – they are able to. I’m not really sure what advice to give you since I am not sure how sure how strict or serious this company is with their background check. My recommendation? Submit your requirements and be ready for the consequences. At the same time, mag apply ka na rin sa iba, pasiguro lang.


  5. Good Day Seven,

    I got a Job Offer in a certain company, but I am wondering why i don’t have a copy of the Job Offer. i didn’t sign it because of that reason. I have previous BPO experiences and I also declined number of Job Offers but I see that I have my own copy of it. what exactly the protocol in receiving Job Offers? I am so interested with this company because they can provide me my career needs. I am also scared that i might end up in a “fly by night” company so i ask. thanks for your reply.

  6. Hi FruFru. I am taken aback by the level of details requested by this background investigating company. This is the first time I have heard of them, to be honest. What you can do is return to the IT company and ask for an explanation. In my years of being an employee, this is the first time I have heard of a background check that requires you to list your family’s assets and liabilities. I would recommend consulting with the NLRC.


  7. Also, the bg investigator wants me to list all of my family’s assets and liabilities. Date of acquisition etc. I am very bothered by the invasion of privacy. I know a bg check is necessary for some firms but isnt this just overboard??

  8. Hi se7en! I’m an avid fan. 🙂 would like to ask your opinion re this company’s background check process. It’s a big shot IT firm in Makati mainly hiring support professionals for theor cloud computing software. Background investigator came to my house and I do not recall signing any waver at all even from the beginning of the recruitment process: interviews etc. Is this even legal? I ask because the questions are very stringent and confidential. They can actually commit fraud based on all the info they want to extract from me. My in laws’ date of marriage, my parents date of graduation, course and all of my family’s credit standing–yes, all that sensitive information. Do they have a right to do this? The firm is Sahagun Research and Associates and I did my own digging and found out the owner is an intelligence agent from the AFP. So is he fly by night?? I’m not quite sure if their means of conducting a bg check is legal or legit esp since I will not be working for a bank anyway. Thanks!

  9. 4? Wow. Isa nga lang mahirap na.

    Truth is, it looks like you were able to get away with it for four times, what’s stopping you from doing it again?

    Also, I want to bring this to your attention: did you notice the reason as to why you are going on AWOL is mostly because of how you perceive things? My question here is, when are you going to stop going on AWOL? What are you looking for? What are you expecting?

    What I see in you is a pattern – may di ka lang magustuhan, you are thinking about AWOL. Currently, you said pinag-iinitan ka, bakit? Can you give me the details?

    My professional advice? Declare it. Don’t go on AWOL. Resign properly if you need to. Honestly though, I think it would be better if you deal with the issue instead of quitting. Quitting is for losers, you know.


  10. tanong po.
    nag awol ako sa 4 consecutive company dahil yung iba politika sa trabaho, yung iba di compensated ng maayos, at yung isa family problem. Ngayon sa latest work ko pinag-initan ako ulit at 2 mos lang ako dun, dapat ko ba i-declare yun sa resume? need your professional advice. please po. salamat po!

  11. Hi! Just want to ask if I can still my validation interview? I was scheduled last may 24 but unfortunately I didn’t attend it because I got sick. Can they still give me a reschedule to that interview. It is already 7 days after. Tnx

  12. good day. i just qant to know, it bothers me a lot. i got hired in sitel now. then on my resume, i didnt declare my cvg work experience last few months ago. now im worrying on the pre employment reqts. kasi awol ako sa cvg tpos di ko cya dineclare sa resume. sbi ko pa newbie ako sa cc. but i stayed in cvg for only two months.

    natatakot talaga ako sa background check ng sitel. makikita kaya nila ung contributions ko sa tin, sss philhealth at pag-ibig? sbi skin wag daw akomagpasa ng 1905 change of rdo. pls help me. bka pag nalaman nla ako na nagwork pla ako sa cvg eh ipullout nla ako sa training. wala din akong coe eh. salamat

  13. hi se7en.. i just made up my mind, instead na mag apply ako uli sa iba, magbibigay na lang ako ng clearance from internist and ophthalmologist, sa halip na panggastos ko sa pamasahe.. pambayad ko na lang sa clearance. kaya lang while i am reading the forums sa pinoy exchange, i just found out na mahigpit pala tong company na ito sa background checking. nag training ako before sa access worldwide for 2 months kaya lang wala talaga akong maintindihan sa training kaya after 6 weeks ng training di na ako pumasok. nagtext ako sa trainer na mag quit na lang ako kasi baka hindi ko din ma meet yung expectation nila. pinayagan naman nya ko at wala din namang dumating na RTWO. tapos na hire ako sa West Contact and hindi ko na dineclare yung access and i stayed with west for 3 yrs at wala naman naging problema. ngayon sa cvg malamang makita nila sa sss history ko na nahulugan ako ng access for 2 months pero training lang naman yun at wala talaga akong idea kung ano status ko kasi walang pinadalang letter,at hindi din ako nag pa clearance nung mag update ako ng resume since naka save lang naman sa desktop, di ko talaga naalala na idagdag yung access. sa tingin mo mateterminate ako kung malaman nila? baka mas maganda talaga na maghanap na lang ako ng iba? please i need your advise… thanks sa pagsagot

  14. hi se7en. I need your help, kasi i already signed JO and my start date is on may 2. pero gusto kong mag back out kasi they are asking me to submit 2 clearances, one from opthalmologist kasi nakasalamin daw ako and another one from internist kasi obese daw ako, and ako ang mag shoulder ng bayad.. nag inquire ako at gagastos ako ng more than 2k para lang sa clearances. nakakainis kasi ngayon ko lang ito na experience, sa ibang bpo naman na nag work ako walang ganito. ang plano ko ay maghanap na lang ng ibang company na walang ganung requrement. at may bond din pala na 25k. kung di ako aattend ng training covered pa din ba ako ng bond? ano po ba ang dapat gawin ayoko na kasi talaga sa company na to… makakasuhan ba akong breach of contract? thanks..

  15. Hi Seven. I would like to ask something about BIR 2316. I was forced resigned in Company A (March 2015-February2016). Then I applied to Company B(March 2016-April 2016). But now I’m really burned out and didn’t expected their culture would be worse than I thought. Now, I’m applying to Company C(Not yet starting. So possible April or May 2016) And I’m thinking of getting AWOL in Company B. So here’s the question/s:
    1) Can I give Company C my BIR 2316 from Company A and told them that I’m not employed this past few months?
    2) Company B is asking for may last Jan & Feb 2016 BIR 2316. As far as I know, BIR 2316 is given at the end of the year. How can I get my BIR 2316 from Company A?
    3) What can I do to my remaining paid taxes from March and April 2016 from Company B?

  16. Sorry i failed to read the back threads…’ve discussed those things earlier.. sorry for that. i think i know what i’m going to do then . thanks.. you have a wonderful and helpful blog. thanks seven for the time you have invested for this one.

    Take care and God bless.

  17. Hi Ted. The answer to your question is yes, they will be asking for a COE/clearance from the previous company. And you are right, it is impossible to have considering your reason for leaving the company. I do not encourage hiding the company but since it’s only a few months, you really lose nothing. Do not that getting fired for going on AWOL is unprofessional and if the company learns this, they will not hesitate to terminate you.


  18. I resign. submitted my resignation letter to my TL.We process the resignation process. I even rendered 30 days. process the clearance as well.they told me that I going to go back to the office after 30 days. when I went back, they didn’t issue any COE or clearance to me. I know it is illegal not to have clearance or COE. I really need to work. I don’t have the signed letter that is indicating that I have resigned to my company. which my current company is asking for. Please, I need your advice. Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi I went AWOL from my previous company after almost 6mos under my probationary contract. I talked to my superior and manager and told them that I wouldn’t be continuing with my regularization anymore, but they told me to render a 30days notice. I didn’t show up to work anymore but have had a conversation with my superior a week after leaving work. Iam now planning to apply to a different company but is still undecided whether to declare it on my CV or not..If i declare it, would they ask for my COE from my previous company? when in fact I think would be impossible to have. thank you.

  20. They did’nt ask how I got it in my interviews though. I’m due to start training on the 4th of April. I already gave them my SSS and TIN but I haven’t passed my Pag-ibig and Philhealth yet. Thanks a lot sir/maam.

  21. Hi Joseph. The answer to your question is no, with a caveat of course. Assuming the BPO job was your first, how do you explain to CVG that you already have an SSS and TIN? However, if you already have a previous employer and are just hiding Teleperformance, it will probably won’t be an issue. Is CVG crafty with their background check? Only they know.


  22. Hi Ma’am/Sir, I have a question, I was recently accepted by CVG and signed the JO w/ them. But I declared I was a newbie even though I worked at Teleperformance for 2 and 1/2 months. Will they be able to find out that my previous CC has contributions on my Philhealth, Pag-ibig and SSS accounts? I was assigned to Time Warner Hi-Speed Data account.

  23. Hi Seven, I have already processed my clearance and yes… Their
    present TL signed the clearance form. I’ll just going to wait for 30 days. for the clearance and final pay. thanks a lot seven.


  24. Hi sir, just a question about a scenario na naencounter ko ngayon, im not really pursuing to become part of cc industry but then as luck goes on nakapasa ako sa cvg. ( sinamahan ko kasi friend ko at para di masayang oras nagapply na din ako)
    Nakapag sign ako ng contract at napasa ko requirements. Pero wala talaga akong balak mag start sa training at di rin ako umaattend ng training. My question is ipprocess pa kaya nila yung tin application ko kahit na di ako nakakaattend? Yung recent job application ko kasi dineclare ko na wala akong previous employer and I asked them to process my TIN, im afraid of the fact that maybe cvg already processed my tin application and it will result into a double TIN. Thanks Seven

  25. The good thing about the clearance is that it can be signed by any of the TLs authorized by HR. Having said this, my recommendation will be to contact your former team’s current team leader (I’m sure you have friends there), or you can ask HR or your OM. They will be able to help.

    Let me know if you need more info.


  26. I’m planning to process my clearance. when i check out with my co-workers, unfortunately, the TL is already resigned and out of the country. what will i do?

  27. Hi TheRedFox.

    I only have one advice for you – resign properly and stop making your life difficult. You need this job so you can declare it. If you get terminated, you will not have a chance to use the skills, competencies, and experienced you gained while working with them. Be smart.


  28. hello se7en
    this is a very informative blog you run here! i have learned a lot about call centers by reading your posts. i just have a question if you dont mind.. last september 2015 i applied at CVG for a tech account and got hired. i was given the JO which i signed. (i still have my copy but mine has no signatures) and asked to undergo medical. i did and passed the medical and was asked to go to this new hire orientation thing. the thing is i had a family emergency back in my province that time and i was unable to attend since i had to go back to my province to take care of said emergency. i did recieved a text msg from cvg asking if i would still want to continue since i wasnt able to attend the orientation. and yes i wasnt able to notify them that i will miss the orientation and aswell i was not able to reply to their text message. now that im back here in manila and ready to work i was just wondering if i can still apply to that same center coz im afraid they might have blacklisted me or something. what do you think? thanks se7en more power to your blog!


  29. Hi seven! I am absent for more than a week now. My TL is still texting me but I don’t know what to respond. I want to work in a different industry. The problem is this is my first job and I cannot not declare this since I already have SSS/TIN/PhilHealth/Pag-Ibig numbers. My question is what are the possible consequences I will encounter with my future employer/s if I go on AWOL? What would be the best recourse for this? Thank you!

  30. Hello Arianne.

    No. Unless one of your character references will reveal this information. Your manner of separation is confidential (so is your salary). The only thing the HR will confirm is that you were hired and the start and end date.

    There is a way around this information though. The background investigator will ask the HR if “they will hire you back”, since you went AWOL, the usual answer is NO and that is the clue that you were terminated.


  31. Hi!

    Curious lang… Malalaman ba ng ibang center kung nag AWOL ako o formal na nagresign sa previous work ko? I mean, kpag tumawag ba sila sa previous employer sasabihin nila yun? Gusto ko na kasi magresign sa work ko ngayon. Salamat!

  32. Hi. Please advise your recruiter about the change of heart. Also, please ask him/her how you can be endorsed to a CVG near you, this way, you can be endorsed. Since you were already included in the roster, your not showing up created a bit of an inconvenience for the recruiter so please make sure you apologize.


  33. hi s7even, may gusto lang po ako itanong. i just had my job offer sa convergys makati, and nakapirma na din po ako, kaso hindi ko na po sinipot ung training.nagbago po kasi isip ko msyadong malayo ang cvg makati. pwede pa po ba ako mag-apply sa ibang CVG site?

  34. Hi MessyBessy. The natural consequence of going on AWOL is termination which means you will be forced to hide the company putting your experience, skills, and competencies to waste. Sayang.

    But as you have said, your health is “affected”, nothing we can do about that. Since it is your health, the best way out is to have a doctor declare you as “unfit to work in the graveyard shift”. This means that it is not your decision to leave but you have no choice because your health is affected. In this scenario, normally. the bond is waived. However, make sure your health excuse is fully documented and your doctor will give you the recommendation to seek another employment.

    DO NOT TELL THE DOCTOR TO DECLARE YOU UNFIT. Some companies (like ours) verify medcerts and they will not lie for you.

    If you get to resign from the company, you can declare it.Sayang naman kasi ang experience. Pampataas sahod din yon.

    During the interview, make sure you do not tell the recruiter about the reason for leaving. Illness as a reason for resignation does not help your cause. Just say you had to move to the province temporarily or had to take care of something but it is now settled.


  35. Hi, I have a question.
    I have a 2-year training bond with a call center, for a financial account. I’m planning to go AWOL because I can’t pay the bond and the night shift has affected my health greatly. This is my first job.
    What are the possible scenarios that can happen?
    What can they possibly do with my bond, and would I need to declare it if I would get a new job?

  36. Hi Loloy. Only one suggestion: please resign properly – that is the mark of a professional. You have a legitimate reason for leaving. Your only dilemma is if the job you signed for has a bond.

    Going on AWOL, for whatever reason, is not right. Leave the job properly, this way, your integrity and professionalism is preserved.


  37. Hi sir! Nag ttraining na po ako ngayun sa TP wla pang 1 month, nag start po yung training namin last dec. 1.. Napapagod na po ako sa training palang at&t uverse and account ko. I found out na nakapasa po ako sa LET at d ko na po sna itutuloy to at mag awol nalang ako para mag apply sa deped. Ano po ang dapat kung gawin? Gusto ko ng tumigil. Sna po mag email kayo sakin.

  38. Hi. The only reason this is possible in the US is because almost all employees work on an hourly basis. In the Philippines, this is not advisable since almost all jobs require you to be employed full time. I’m currently a full time team lead and I have been trying to find a part time work from home setup, sadly, zilch (or maybe I’m just not lucky).

    As for your contributions? Nope, your current company will not know this. These government agencies are mandated not reveal your work history even to your current employer.

    The only recommendation I can give you is this: avoid losing your job because of conflict of interest. If you can get a second job, make sure it’s not as draining as your BPO job. Don’t overwork yourself just because you have credit card debt (this is why I hate credit cards. Tore up mine long time ago).

    Hope this helps.


  39. Hello Seven, I have same concern as thatonesundaymorning , September 9, 2015 at 6:16 pm.

    I hope I don’t confuse you with my question this is going to be long. My current job is as an analyst for a BPO company and I work day shift. I owe 2 banks HUGE credit card debts. And I want pay down my debt fast, that is my goal for 2016. To be able to do this, I need to earn twice as much as my current pay even for just a few months. Moving to a new company/job is out of the question. I have come up with the crazy idea of getting a 2nd fulltime job. A lot of people do this in the US, so I thought maybe I could do this too. The perfect 2nd for me should be on the night shift and pays big: BPO.

    Now, I’ve already checked this with my current employer, and they won’t authorize if the 2nd job is going to be in BPO too due to conflict of interest, which I understand. Even if my current job function is totally different from what I will be doing at the 2nd job they still won’t allow. I do love my current job and I don’t want to lose it.

    But I’m still seriously considering this, there’s tons of job posting for CSR on jobstreet. My plan is to get hired as a CSR and stay with the 2nd company for 2 or 3 months then resign. This is because I’ve read somewhere that if you don’t stay with a company for more than 3 months, then said company will not appear in your SSS/BIR/Pag-ibig records. Is this true??? Also, of course I will need to take a break. Part of my plan is to rest for a month, then try and get a 2nd job and same thing, stay for 2 or 3 months then resign. Then after this I won’t do it again, ever.

    I know this is a crazy plan and unethical. Please understand I’ve never been a call center hopper. But I’m really desperate now.

    But if the 2nd job immediately updates and make contributions to SSS/BIR/Pag ibig, will my current job find out about the other company’s contributions? How?

    I’ve also thought about the dilemma I’m going to deal with when I move to a new company in the future and they conduct BC and they see that I had been moonlighting in other BPO companies while being employed in my current. But I will just cross the bridge when I get there.

    Please help!!!!

  40. Hello. PLease contact your HR. By default, you are supposed to return them to facilities. You will not be able to process your clearance without returning them. As for your Team Leader, may mga ganon talagang tao. You need to go there to get his signature. Give your HR the feedback that the team leader is not responding – coaching opportunity niya yan.


  41. Hi Se7en. I just wanna ask because I haven’t returned my headset and my badge in Concentrix-Technohub. My previous Team Leader is not answering any of my calls, kailangan pa ba siya sa process ng pag clearance ko? San ko rin po pwede isusurender yung headset and badge ko?

  42. Hi John. By trouble, I mean they will ask you to pay for the bond – if there is one. It also means if you fail to settle, they will not give you clearance. Technically, a bond is not allowed/illegal, what makes it legal is the contract that you signed. You need to clear with TYU if you do have a bond, otherwise, you simply need to resign and start employment with the other company.

    Hope this helps.


  43. Hi Ma’am/Sir,

    When you say trouble, what is exactly will happen to me? and about bond do you mean the 6 months period I need to render as a probationary status in TYU? and if I will resign in TYU can I pass a resignation letter in the first day of work with them?

  44. Hi John. If TYU has a bond, then you are in trouble. Please do not abscond. Resign properly. Also, please make sure your contract with ASD is clean and your chances of establishing a career there is certain. Else, you are losing both companies.

    Nothing will happen to your contract with TYU so long as you resign properly.


  45. Hi Ma’am/Sir, Just a question the scenario is I will start in the company(TYU) on November 16 apparently the second company(ASD) I really want offered me a Job. What will happen if I cancel a signed probationary contract in the company(TYU)?

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