Got A Question?

Hi All. I’m unable to check this blog, much less, respond to our queries here. My apologies.

For urgent questions, please shoot me an email:

You can also chat with me via Google Hang Out using the same email address. Mas mabilis pa yon.



4 responses to “Got A Question?”

  1. Hi I just wanna ask kasi ganito, I have 2months exp with telus then I went awol. May trainor did not allow me to resign sk I decided not to continue my application or I went AWOL. Then after 1 month na hired ako sa sitel. I did not disclosed that I have exp, I said newbie ako.
    Heres my questions
    1. Mahigpit ba sila mag background check? Hindi ako nag declare malalaman kaya nila yung telus ko?
    2. Since I view my philhealth nakita kong naghulog sila so super worried ako. May access ba sila makita yun?
    3. Kung malaman nila ma pupull out bako?

    Thanks for the response.

  2. Hi Veronica. Thanks for sending your questions via email. What’s the update on your case? Did they find out? Do you already know what the “red highlighted names” were all about? I hope this situation turned in your favor.

    Sorry, I’m unable to offer much help.


  3. Hello Seven. I applied at a call center (could be teleperformance, sitel, sykes, west, convergys, stream, telstra, xerox) and passed. Now im in the training stage. The problem is, I did not graduate from high school and I had to use a fake college diploma and TOR. Do you think the call center that I mentioned above would check or call the school that I use in the fake TOR? The school that I use has a number in its website.

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